Reviews of This Endless Moment

Author and psychotherapist Wayne Allen spent nearly two years writing This Endless Moment. The purpose of this book is to help people change their lives for the better. This Zen-ish style book is well-written and is filled with many significant insights that will give you a more clear picture of who you are and how to get what you want from life.
I could place many of the passages in This Endless Moment into my Life's Little Goodies column, and few people would know I didn't write them. In other words, if you like "goodies" you'll probably like this book. The tone is casual, sprinkled with humor, and full of lessons you'll wish you knew long ago. I've learned from it, and anytime a book teaches you at least one worthwhile thing you didn't know, it is well worth the price. You'll get your money's worth.
- Dennis "Boogie Jack" Gaskill

I was teary this morning and in just such a crappy place feeling sorry for myself about something. I downloaded your book "This Endless Moment" and printed it off. By page 4 I was hooked, by page 12 I was chuckling and had a smile in my cheeks for the rest of the book--which I read in one sitting.
Awesome, awesome, and SO perfect for where I am in my deconstruction process.
I am a Havenite and will certainly take in your course in the future.
Thanks for writing such an excellent book.
- With warmth, E

I just LOVED the book! I really wanted to do the whole read a section and reflect ... however, I was to anxious and just had to read on ... it was completed in 2 days and I look forward to reading it again - one section at a time.
- Susan Seitz

I am currently savouring your book, not wanting it to end. One thing that the book has given me is an understanding that once you "get it," it may be only for a fleeting moment and that it is normal/okay to fall off the rails. I usually left our appointments feeling like I had failed you and me for not "getting it" and "keeping it." I beat myself up for having to hear you tell me the same things over again. Now I know that it is all a part of the process, and to relearn it will only strengthen me, and that once I think I "get it," for the long term this time - I probably don't. Anyhow - thanks for everything Wayne. I am so proud that I have started to wake up.
- Dione

It is a very good book, concise and I believe it strikes at the core of the problem we all have, some of us more than others, with taking responsibility for our lives. It is a good read for those who want to look at themselves honestly. My friends have liked the book and have made positive comments about it.
-Norm Trudel

I purchased 2 of your printed books, This Endless Moment, before Xmas, and a friend is devouring, as I did, and then passed it on. My most precious piece was beginning the measuring of the progress of my life. Yes, I did that in my business, but not in other personal growth areas. Also, thought I would mention, how my thoughts were taking me down the self pity, and anger road, so I came back to your book and your web pages. Amazing how my perspective changed, and how much better the rest of world is now! Thanks for saying like it is and putting the how to's at the end of the book.
- Jean Eyre

A profoundly simple approach to life that even the most skeptical types would have trouble arguing. I enjoyed the matter-of-fact writing style, short chapters and 'thought for the day' anecdotes. I was never bored with the content, thanks to your quirky sense of humour and your ability to always bring the reader back to the point of self-responsibility and 'owning it'.
This book is great short read for those who want to begin a new path but don't have a clue how to begin and equally great for those who believe they actually "know it all."
A bit of hand-holding was a nice touch with the guide at the end to give the reader one less excuse to avoid making changes.
Nicely done, Wayne!
- Katharine Phillips

Wayne Allen has taken important complex concepts and has expressed them in an accessible and practical way. His very personal approach is remarkable. This is an excellent readable book. We're impressed!
Bennet Wong, M.D., F.R.C.P.(c)
Jock McKeen, M.D., Lic.Ac. (UK)
Co-Founders, The Haven Institute

Wayne Allen sent me one of his books to help me through my grieving. It's called "This Endless Moment" and confronts you with the stark reality that you decide what anything means in your life. He says in his Zen-ish book, "Everything is a figment of your imagination." I love the reminder. It puts the responsibility for your well-being where it belongs: Inside.
- Dr. Joe Vitale

I wanted to tell you that I thought your book was FANTASTIC. I devoured it and thought it was really one of the best things I've read in ages. I'd like to get 5 more copies for friends and family for Christmas. Congratulations Wayne - I hope you are pleased. It says sooooo much in a concise, easy to read, humorous way. I just loved it. It was especially pleasing as I've heard the messages for years, and can just hear your voice and see your expressions. Thanks for giving me and others such a great gift.
- Julie Redfern

After reading your excerpts on the website I could hardly wait to receive it and begin my journey. This is a book I know I will read over again. It is a confirmation of what I have learned in therapy over the years and a great reminder. You had a review somewhere on the website that I read stating " I heard your voice telling me this when I was with you in counselling", and that has been my experience so far. I hear echoes of my mentors and therapist as I read. I want to thank you for writing your book and sharing your knowledge and experience on your website. I am a constant visitor of the Phoenix Centre from home and work. Thanks so much for being there!
- Marilyn Beatty

I have finished your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I loved how it was so straight to the point -called it without creeping around - and so was able to cover an incredible amount in a short space. It really felt as if you were talking to me - and accepting no excuses, but with humour and compassion! I  particularly liked the section on romance, love and compassion, which put things in a way that I'd not seen before and made SO much sense! I found the whole book refreshing after the psycho-babble and  repetitive stuff I've read before. It was also very thought - or rather action - provoking and was exactly the right thing for me right now. Thank you so much for writing it.
- Morag Reid

Quoted from the monthly
E-Zine of The Haven.
New Works From An Old Friend

Many of you may know Wayne Allen from his frequent participation in courses here and his work as founder of the Phoenix Centre in Ontario.  His just-published book "This Endless Moment" and CD "Introduction to Bodywork and Breathwork" are well worth a read and listen.  Wayne's book offers insights into enhancing life and relationships and the CD is abundant with practical, easy-to-understand ways to "breathe new life" into our bodies.
"I really wanted to write this book," says Wayne, "I've spent decades applying the lessons contained in this book in my own life. A couple of years ago, several clients in a row asked for a book that would be a reminder of what I'd said to them in session.  I thought it sounded like a great idea. That great idea led to two years of thought, writing and editing!"
Wayne has received high praise for his work, notably from our founders, Ben Wong and Jock McKeen.