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5 Communication Tips

5 Com­mu­ni­ca­tion tips — when cou­ples have issues, the rea­son, almost 100% of the time, is lousy com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Here are 5 com­mu­ni­ca­tion tips, but also have a look at my book The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever. Intro­duc­tion: What we’ve got here is fail­ure to com­mu­ni­cate — 5 com­mu­ni­ca­tion tips Ele­gant com­mu­ni­ca­tion… NOT!! Vir­tu­al­ly all “cou­ple issues” …

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A New Model for Relating

Here’s the third arti­cle, fea­tur­ing the key con­cepts for a new mod­el for relat­ing. A New Mod­el for Relat­ing In This Moment As I promised, here’s the last of 3 arti­cles that are sam­ple chap­ters from my rela­tion­ships book, The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever. Enjoy! If you’re look­ing for a part­ner that “fits you,” you owe …

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Tools for Relating — Having the Best Relationship Ever

Tools for Relat­ing — it’s not enough to have some knowl­edge about rela­tion­ships… you need tools and tech­niques to excel at relat­ing. Last week, I described my book, The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever. Here’s The Chap­ter, “Tools For Relat­ing.” This chap­ter will give you a good idea of the “meat” of the book.

Having the Best Relationship Ever

Hav­ing the Best Rela­tion­ship Ever — a look at what’s behind my book, The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever. Back when I was in pri­vate prac­tice, three top­ics came up… a lot: stuff about pas­sion, voca­tion, sex­u­al­i­ty stuff relat­ed to get­ting your life togeth­er, and stuff about rela­tion­ships There’s a lot of bad infor­ma­tion out there. I …

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