Idea for Zen Living: 12 Presence Presents

Zen LIv­ing: When you’re a Zen Guy like me, you’re con­stant­ly think­ing about, (and try­ing to enact) being present. The Hol­i­day Sea­son is rife with “things” we can dis­tract our­selves with.

I decid­ed to send you a list of alter­na­tive ways of being, in the hopes that shift­ing gears might help you to deal with the hol­i­days more ele­gant­ly.

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Appreciate Your Body’s Wisdom

It’s time to reclaim the 95% of your­self that you min­i­mize and dis­par­age – your body. Admit it, you’re liv­ing as a talk­ing head, and haul­ing the rest of you around because you can’t fig­ure out what else to do with your body.

I know a lot of peo­ple who are in absolute denial about their bod­ies, and what their bod­ies want/need. I look and see tight­ness, dis­com­fort, pain. I ask, “What’s up?” and I get this ver­i­ta­ble spew of sto­ries from the past and the future.

It’s all this weird exter­nal stuff that has noth­ing at all to do with what is going on right now.

I sug­gest a bit of breath­work, a bit of focus below the neck. Then the sighs and tears and anger and sad­ness and the horni­ness for life and for release starts creep­ing to the sur­face. Often the up-flow of emo­tions caus­es a pan­icky retreat back into their heads.

If the per­son can hold to the feel­ing, and be present in their body, there is an easy flow of emo­tion and a decid­ed less­en­ing of the dra­ma they are cre­at­ing.

But, boy is it hard to per­suade peo­ple to go there.

In fact, I’ve pret­ty much giv­en up on try­ing. I have tak­en to invit­ing pres­ence through breath (and Body­work) and then just sit­ting there to see what hap­pens next.

Idea for Zen Living: Now is the time to commit to listening to the wisdom of your body. Stop running from yourself – running up into your head, where you lie to yourself and create more dysfunctional stories. In 2020, commit to dealing deeply and fully with your body. You’ll be glad you did.

Live Honestly

The idea of liv­ing hon­est­ly is one of the hard­est “sells.” Peo­ple have a lot of excus­es for not being hon­est, either with oth­ers or with them­selves.

  • Some actu­al­ly resent the whole con­cept – they fig­ure “adults have a right to pri­va­cy.” Hav­ing secrets is seen as a priv­i­lege of being an adult.
  • Oth­ers think that if they are hon­est about who they are and what they are about, oth­ers will run scream­ing from the room.
  • Oth­ers get a charge out of pulling the wool over oth­ers’ eyes.

Living Honestly entails self-discovery, followed by self-reflection, followed by self-revelation.

This process is emphat­i­cal­ly not about dis­cov­er­ing your faults and then stuff­ing them down oth­er’s throats. Hon­est Liv­ing is all about dig­ging in deeply, reveal­ing (to self and oth­ers) the depths of your­self, and emphat­i­cal­ly it’s about stop­ping lying to your­self about your inabil­i­ty to make bet­ter choic­es.

Idea for Zen Living: A noble goal for 2020 is to commit to telling the truth, gently, yet clearly — about yourself. (It’s not about blasting others about what you perceive as their truth – “You are such a jerk. You need to get over yourself.” That’s not your job! Your job is to learn about the depth and height of yourself, and to bring that person into full expression in the world. It is a noble path.

Embrace Movement

Move­ment and change is our only real­i­ty. You can­not cling, for even one moment, to any­thing – a per­son, an expe­ri­ence, even a sin­gle breath. You can­not cling to your life – it is pass­ing, and soon you will no longer be.

Move­ment and the pas­sage of time are intrin­si­cal­ly linked.

Once you see this, you will rec­og­nize that the pain and dra­ma of our lives have noth­ing to do with what is hap­pen­ing right now. All of that pain comes from our fan­tasies that what is hap­pen­ing right now ought to be dif­fer­ent.

As we have that thought, our brains get involved, and soon we are just sit­ting there, immo­bile, telling our­selves sto­ries of past and/or future.

The way out is active par­tic­i­pa­tion in the present moment, empha­sis on active. You incar­nat­ed (lit­er­al­ly “came into flesh – carne”) to have a body, (i.e. to feel and to get around) and bod­ies need air­ing out, danc­ing, jump­ing, stretch­ing and gen­er­al­ly need to be in con­tact with oth­er warm bod­ies.

So, what are you doing to be present and in your body?

Idea for Zen Living: The movement of life is the presence of life. In this flow, I am alive and aware. And that, my friends, is as good as it gets! In 2020, commit to a rigorous physical program of movement, and then be present with what your incarnation feels like.

Commit Wholeheartedly

Here’s a big­gie. Oh, for a whole­heart­ed com­mit­ment to any­thing!

Most peo­ple dick around and chip away at life, as opposed to tack­ling the thing whole­heart­ed­ly and whole-head­ed­ly.

This is a big­gie – a major flaw in the path we are all on is doing only enough to mit­i­gate pain, as opposed to push­ing through the pain to see what lies beyond it.

Rela­tion­ships suf­fer from seek­ing “no pain.” Peo­ple think, “No pain, no prob­lem.” But every­thing always changes – and then the rela­tion­ship goes south – because only the “min­i­mal effort to main­tain the sta­tus quo” had been applied.

My think­ing is that whole­heart­ed com­mit­ment is nec­es­sary for a ful­filled and ful­fill­ing life. Dab­bling, play­ing-at-life, flit­ting about while time pass­es and life goes by, seems to me the ulti­mate in wast­ing one’s life.

Idea for Zen Living: Yet, many are the excuses. And you are never any better than your best excuse. Dear hearts, get over it! In 2020, commit to something and make it happen. You do not have forever.

Put Yourself First

No, it’s not self­ish to put your­self first. I’m not talk­ing about steam-rolling over oth­ers. I’m talk­ing about tak­ing your self, your life, and your path with the utmost seri­ous­ness.

Most peo­ple ded­i­cate their lives to oth­ersand not in a good way. Most engage in an, “If I treat them well, they’ll treat me well” game that nev­er plays out. Why?

When you make it your mis­sion to live for anoth­er, all you cre­ate it the expec­ta­tion that you will do this for­ev­er. It does not engen­der reci­procity. It engen­ders depen­dence and expec­ta­tions – demands – for more and bet­ter from you.

Any one who accus­es you of self­ish­ness is say­ing, “Hey! Wait a minute! You are sup­posed to put me first! How dare you think of your­self and not of me?” In oth­er words, they are doing (being self­ish) what they are accus­ing you of!

The only way your life will ever be oth­er than it is, is when you do some­thing dif­fer­ent­ly. Peri­od. Any­thing else is a fluke.

Idea for Zen Living: You can’t change your life, your prospects, your relationships, your body, without changing something – wishing does not make it happen.
When is the right time for you???
Right now, of course!!

Create More Passion

Paint­ing by Wayne C. Allen

Pas­sion is the burn­ing, inter­nal fire of pur­pose. Pas­sion is a path of self-devel­op­ment – this fire is what dri­ves us to go deep­er – to change. Pas­sion is all about desire focused on a goal and in a direc­tion.

Oth­er stuff (peo­ple, places, things) does not cre­ate pas­sion in us. Pas­sion is an inside job. This is why we can be pas­sion­ate about some­one or some thing at one point, and not pas­sion­ate in the next breath.

Pas­sion feels hot and char­gy. Thus, it is a prime mover and moti­va­tor – so long as we do not attach to or get hooked on the feel­ing. If we do, we become pas­sion junkies, and the only goal is “more pas­sion.”

The form of pas­sion that is help­ful is pas­sion­ate direc­tion. For enlight­en­ment. For a noble goal or cause. For more depth of self-know­ing and for more depth in rela­tion­ship.

This kind of pas­sion­ate act­ing is actu­al­ly a path.

Create some passion for yourself. Don’t put it off. Passion is the power that primes the pump of life!

Demystify Sex

If you’ve read my book, This End­less Moment, you’ll know I take a non-seri­ous tack with mat­ters sex­u­al and sen­su­al. I wrote:

he rea­son sex con­tin­ues to be con­sid­ered some kind of mark­er in rela­tion­ships is sex­u­al embar­rass­ment and imma­tu­ri­ty. Sex is giv­en great mean­ing because we are afraid to take it casu­al­ly.
It’s a hard thing to admit out loud to being sex­u­al.

Quan­tum physics teach­es us that the uni­verse is ener­gy and poten­tial – in oth­er words, stuff is sim­ply in flow and flux, and then is observed and comes into being. This is the state of the entire­ty of exis­tence.

For exam­ple, the old Zen-ish ques­tion,

If a tree falls in the for­est, and no one is there, does it make a sound?”

The answer is sim­ple: It depends.

There is ener­gy that is cre­at­ed by the fall – a flow­ing out­ward of ener­gy. It only becomes a “sound,” how­ev­er, if there is an “ear” to hear it, AND a mind to inter­pret it.

Sound becomes some­thing “real” when it is inter­pret­ed by the brain of the hear­er.

This explains why you under­stand what you said one way, and the per­son hear­ing the same words inter­prets it anoth­er way.

Everything, then, is dependent upon the interpretation of the observer.

Sex becomes a fas­ci­nat­ing and pas­sion­ate learn­ing ener­gy when we inter­pret it that way. That’s the “take” of Tantra and Kun­dali­ni work. The ener­gy (which is “just ener­gy,”) can be direct­ed, turn­ing it into a pow­er­ful force for our own awak­en­ing. Or, it can be made spe­cial, dragged out occa­sion­al­ly, and treat­ed with embar­rass­ment.

Idea for Zen Living: In 2020, find someone to explore your sexual energy with. Learn how to “make it work for you.” Dedicate yourself to breaking open the blocks in your body. After all, you’re in your body for a reason!

Change Your Story

Here’s a ques­tion: “And how is end­less­ly repeat­ing a sto­ry you hate help­ing you to change how you are in the world?”

I spend a lot of time ask­ing that ques­tion – I ask oth­ers, and I ask myself.

I have a cou­ple of sto­ries about being un-appre­ci­at­ed that I’ve been haul­ing out and flog­ging myself with since, well, for­ev­er. I’ve have reached the place where I now laugh at myself and give myself a shake. I cer­tain­ly do not enact this sto­ry any­more.


Because the sto­ry does not work!

Peo­ple argue with me on this one. “But…but… how can I just change my sto­ry? My sto­ry is right! I’m so hard done by! I need to get every­one on the plan­et to admit how bad­ly they are treat­ing me! How can I heal myself when I know I’m pow­er­less?”

Well, yikes.

Noth­ing means any­thing until you give it mean­ing. You don’t like the way your life is going, change your sto­ry.

Idea for Zen Living: In 2020 nothing will move you further along the path than this simple truth – your life is exactly and precisely the story you are telling yourself.

Get this, and then do something about it!

Be a Blessing

We are quite small in the face of the ele­gance of the uni­verse. In the face of that, it might be sise to get over our­selves (and our busy­ness,) long enough to “be a bless­ing.”

In oth­er words, to change your sto­ry from one long, pathet­ic whine,
and to get on with mak­ing a dif­fer­ence in the world.

As I get old­er, time seems much more com­pressed. Six months flash­es by in an instant. Dar­bel­la and I have been togeth­er 37 plus years. Where did the days, the weeks, the months, the years, go?

What have I accom­plished?

I ask myself that ques­tion with com­pas­sion and with grace.

Have I been of use — have I been a bless­ing?

Idea for Zen Living: We stand on the cusp of 2020. You were born for a reason, never doubt it. So, what are you waiting for? The perfect moment? Permission?

How about right now? Be a blessing.

Hone your Loving

Lov­ing (an action, as opposed to “love,” which does­n’t exist) requires keen­ness and sharp­ness and accu­ra­cy, just like a knife does.

Some­times love is a gen­tle nudge, like the last point (he says with a grin…) Lov­ing is nev­er about doing things that fly in the face of who you are. Lov­ing is only pos­si­ble when you are present, con­nect­ed, self-respon­si­ble, and curi­ous.

  • Pres­ence means I am here, in this moment, and nowhere else. Not wool-gath­er­ing, plan­ning my next speech, dis­tract­ed.
  • Con­nect­ed is an emo­tion­al sense of res­o­nance. It’s all ener­gy any­way, so con­nec­tion is allow­ing myself to open enough to actu­al­ly feel the vibra­tional tone of anoth­er.
  • Self-respon­si­ble peo­ple do not blame oth­ers, sit­u­a­tions, or them­selves. They are “sim­ply present,” and from their pres­ence respond from their core to the sit­u­a­tions they meet. Self-respon­si­bil­i­ty is all about work­ing from my cen­tre out­ward, with a clear heart and focused mind.
  • Curios­i­ty is not manip­u­la­tive. It’s an acknowl­edge­ment that what­ev­er is going on in your world is yours, and it, by def­i­n­i­tion, has to be dif­fer­ent from my under­stand­ings. Because val­ue you, I want to know more about you. And because I val­ue you, I want to know how well your per­spec­tive is work­ing.

Idea for Zen Living: Be more loving in 2020. Open yourself to the possibility of caring and compassion, with no need to fix anyone or anything. From this place of non-fixing, live elegantly, leave a mark, and be a blessing!

Get on with it

Peo­ple pick at the self-cre­at­ed scabs of them­selves, and irri­tate them­selves, and the explo­ration, such as it is, nev­er leads any­where except to more things to not like. 

The joke is, the stuff they are dig­ging up is just a sto­ry they are telling them­selves. It’s not true,” it’s not, “who they are.” Who they are is, “all of it, plus all the oth­er stuff.”

And self-explo­ration does­n’t mat­ter any­way. Because this kind of self-explo­ration leads only inward.

No authen­tic spir­i­tu­al path actu­al­ly leads inward. Take med­i­ta­tion. Seems inter­nal, all that breath­ing and emp­ty­ing the mind. But to what end?

Pres­ence! And pres­ence only hap­pens out here, in the world.

Idea for Zen Living: When I stop talking to myself and judging myself and coming up with yet another label, I can simply be, and in that being, respond to life, to self, and to others, and thus to accomplish something elegant.

Because in order to leave a mark, you have to actu­al­ly do some­thing dif­fer­ent!

(Are you notic­ing how all of this fits togeth­er? Good!)

Live in the Present, for a Change

Change only hap­pens in the present moment. The client I men­tioned above was regret­ting a past rela­tion­ship. My ques­tion: How would that per­son (now dead) want you to live your life now? You can’t change what’s hap­pened, but you can change “from now on!”

Idea for Zen Living: In 2020, dedicate yourself to discovering the actual moment you are living in, and stay there. If it ain’t working, don’t do it. Do more of what does work. Open yourself to the present that presence presents.

Learning to Live in Growing Orbits

Live in Growing Orbits

Let an expert take you by the hand and teach you how to Live in the Here and Now. — to Live in Grow­ing Orbits!

You’ve found this page because you are ready to take affirmative action. You’re ready to devote time and energy into being the best possible human you can be.

I’d like to help you walk your path, and I offer you both hope and a guar­an­tee.

One year from today, hav­ing com­plet­ed Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits, you’ll be joy­ful­ly liv­ing in this end­less moment, free from attach­ments to the past, free from wor­ry regard­ing the future!

This book was orig­i­nal­ly designed as a work­book for my coun­selling clients.

New­ly revised, Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits is avail­able as either a paper­back or a Kin­dle book– and is designed to help you actu­al­ly enact ideas such as:

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Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits pro­vides you with the guid­ance you need. It’s a year-long exer­cise in see­ing and sim­ply being.

The Concept

We’ve all been con­di­tioned by our cul­ture and upbring­ing to have pre­con­ceived notions:

  • about how the world works,
  • about who we are,
  • about how to relate to oth­ers, and espe­cial­ly,
  • about what we are capa­ble of.

Perhaps it is closer to the truth to say we’ve been trained to stay stuck – we have learned what we are not capable of.

Most peo­ple are liv­ing exam­ples of the adage, “Argue for your lim­i­ta­tions, and they are yours.”

Living Life in Growing Orbits provides you with tools for breaking free from your limitations.




Wayne Allen is an insight­ful writer. From his var­ied life expe­ri­ence, he blends spir­i­tu­al prin­ci­ples with every­day val­ues, mak­ing for a read­able, thought pro­vok­ing blend of sto­ries and ideas. Fore­most, Wayne is very human .… and this comes through in his writ­ing. This book would be of val­ue to any­one who is gen­uine­ly inter­est­ed in find­ing deep­er mean­ings in life and rela­tion­ships. You can read it all at once, or sip it in small quan­ti­ties.
High­ly rec­om­mend­ed.

~ Ben­net Wong & Jock McK­een

Co-founders, The Haven Insti­tute

Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits

Living Life in Growing Orbits

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* Pub­lish­er: The Phoenix Cen­tre Press (Revised Decem­ber 2015)
* Lan­guage: Eng­lish
ISBN: 978–0‑9877192–7‑0

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Wayne draws upon ele­gance, self-respon­si­bil­i­ty and unabashed hon­esty as the cor­ner­stones for pow­er­ful and inti­mate rela­tion­ships… Writ­ten with sto­ries, case exam­ples and sug­ges­tions.” — Debashis Dut­ta, MSW

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This Endless Moment — Live an Amazing Life

This Endless Moment

I’ve recent­ly re-edit­ed and added to my first and favourite book, This End­less Moment. It’s been a peren­ni­al best sell­er, and many are the folk who have found it life-chang­ing.

Please, think about how things are going for you, and if you think your life could be more amazing, have a look below for a few quotes, then order the book, either as a paperback or an e‑book.

Clients come in for ther­a­py because some­thing (or sev­er­al some­things) isn’t work­ing. Yet, on an entire­ly dif­fer­ent lev­el (and the point of this book)—the real issue is not what isn’t work­ing. The real issue is that they don’t under­stand that solv­ing their issue requires that they behave dif­fer­ent­ly.

There is an inter­nal bat­tle going on in each of us, between the seduc­tive siren song of stay­ing stuck in the “way I’ve always done life” and the order­ly dis­ci­pline of doing things in anoth­er way.

Most peo­ple waste their lives doing every­thing they can think of to get oth­ers to do things dif­fer­ent­ly. There is a con­sid­er­able emo­tion­al invest­ment in this effort. (Let me be clear about which effort we are talk­ing about: the effort of try­ing to get the world to coop­er­ate in mak­ing you hap­py. Now, “the world” can be a boss, a part­ner, one’s par­ents or kids, your friends… or even the per­son serv­ing you a dou­ble fat-free lat­te.)

The first step toward wis­dom is to under­stand that you can’t manip­u­late oth­ers or the world to make you hap­py.

In a sense, all that I ever “teach” clients (and all I ever remind myself) is this: I am respon­si­ble for me, and I am respon­si­ble for how I choose to approach my life. Noth­ing else is going on. This is such a sim­ple point that it flies direct­ly over the head of 95 per cent of the pop­u­la­tion.

You will learn the practicalities of living a full and rich life:

Notice what would hap­pen if we under­stood that the world actu­al­ly is phe­nom­e­nal, that it is a series of uncon­nect­ed and non-mean­ing­ful events. We would have to admit that a thing is a thing is a thing, until we make mean­ing about it. To do this requires a leap in our under­stand­ing. The leap is summed up this way: the mean­ing I make about the essen­tial­ly mean­ing­less is mean­ing­ful only to me.

On relationships:

In oth­er words, healthy rela­tion­ships are phys­i­cal­ly expres­sive rela­tion­ships. If I am avoid­ing phys­i­cal con­tact with my part­ner, I am in effect say­ing, “I refuse to make con­tact with you.” The refusal may seem to play out phys­i­cal­ly, but that sim­ply rep­re­sents what’s going on at all the oth­er lev­els — emo­tion­al­ly, spir­i­tu­al­ly, and in the cou­ple’s “cou­ple-ness.”

On life:

I’d like to sug­gest to you that life is meant to be an ongo­ing devel­op­men­tal project. This is a con­cept we accept at work — we “glad­ly” train and retrain, look­ing for improve­ments, effi­cien­cies, oth­er, new­er, “bet­ter” ways to do things. I sus­pect we were meant to be on a sim­i­lar walk in our per­son­al lives, but some­how for­got.

Other thoughts:

At the end of the day, this is the real­i­ty of life. We are born and die alone, and the rest of life is a solo job in a crowd. This is either ter­ri­fy­ing or free­ing. I’ll scare myself with it pre­cise­ly to the degree that I refuse to accept respon­si­bil­i­ty for my life. I will free myself pre­cise­ly to the degree that I allow myself the per­son­al sat­is­fac­tion of pad­dling just a lit­tle more effi­cient­ly and effort­less­ly each day.

And here is the point!

In the end.. you’ll find your­self liv­ing out your life in a con­scious, present, hon­est, and curi­ous way. You’ll take what comes with­out judg­ment and decide what you choose to do next. You will be con­sis­tent and clear. And you will be that most unusu­al (yet not spe­cial) of all humans- a self-respon­si­ble per­son, engaged in liv­ing life to the fullest, while extend­ing an invi­ta­tion to oth­ers to join you in the pad­dle, the dance.

This book will change your life. Have a look!!

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Available formats, This Endless Moment, 2nd edition

* Paperback: 226 pages ** Kindle edition ** PDF download

* Pub­lish­er: The Phoenix Cen­tre Press (Jan­u­ary 30, 2017)
* Lan­guage: Eng­lish
* ISBN: 978–0‑9877192–9‑4

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Zen — An Alternative to Trump

Sometimes, having another approach to life is crucial.

OK, so the world is a pret­ty weird place right now, and liv­ing with the ten­sion of “not know­ing” (how Zen!!) can be a bit much.

It’s why I wrote Half Asleep in the Buddha Hall.

It’s hard to believe that a sim­ple book has prac­ti­cal, down-to-earth meth­ods and approach­es that will help you not only to cope, but to thrive. I want to assure you that Half Asleep in the Bud­dha Hall brings you into direct con­tact with the wis­dom of the East, and espe­cial­ly the light of Zen.

You’ll discover how to find wisdom and depth.
The Zen stories guide you in a new and powerful direction.

The book is lib­er­al­ly sprin­kled with teach­ing sto­ries, and exam­ples and lessons from my 30 years of Coun­selling expe­ri­ence.

You are able to see and do — you dis­cov­er a way of being in the world that is both pow­er­ful and gen­tle.

There’s really only one way out —
you have to begin the only adventure worth your time and effort —
the adventure of being wholly and fully yourself!

In Zen, we speak of dis­ci­pline. The key dis­ci­pline is ‘non-fol­low­ing,’ or non-attach­ment. You let each non-help­ful thought go by not cling­ing to it. Now, of course, as with Beth, such thoughts will arise until you die.

Fol­low­ing such thoughts leads to paral­y­sis by analy­sis. This paral­y­sis seems inevitable, until I notice that repeat­ing dys­func­tion­al thought pat­terns caus­es the paral­y­sis. I am ‘lost in thought,’ and the cure is to stop myself—not by more think­ing, but by act­ing. Less thought, more action. Remem­ber: you cause your­self prob­lems by over-think­ing and under-doing. Pick a way to be, and then just be it. Swing for the fences, let­ting the crit­i­cal thoughts fade into back­ground noise.

If you’d like to read a ton of reviews or have a look at a sam­ple chap­ter, we have you cov­ered. Give this a click!

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This Endless Moment, 2nd edition

This Endless Moment, 2nd edition

This Endless Moment, 2nd edition

This End­less Moment, 2nd edi­tion is now avail­able!

The new ver­sion has 60 plus more pages of insights and helps, includ­ing a sec­tion on Zen. There’s also a sec­tion of exer­cis­es.

Revised in 2017, This End­less Moment, 2nd edi­tion presents a sim­ple, direct, and clear secret for unlock­ing your full poten­tial.

In my book, you will discover:

~ ways to enter the peace and contentment of “pedal to the metal” living

~ Eastern approaches to presence and focus

~ tools for deepening your relationships, having great sexual experiences, and

~ how to live with passion, curiosity and excitement!

Check out what’s in the book here.

The paper­back ver­sion is here:
This End­less Moment, 2nd. edi­tion

The kin­dle ver­sion is here:
This End­less Moment 2nd, edi­tion

Revised for 2017 — This Endless Moment

A new version of This Endless Moment is coming soon!

This Endless Moment

Just a quick­ie announce­ment that I’m almost done with the final edit of a revised ver­sion of This End­less Moment, my first and most pop­u­lar book.

This End­less Moment is an amaz­ing book on liv­ing the enlight­ened life. A peren­ni­al best-sell­er, and used as a text­book for new ther­a­pists, this book quite sim­ply changes lives. I’ve received count­less thank you’s from sat­is­fied read­ers, who have used the meth­ods described in the book and found real peace and deep­er life mean­ing.

I started the rewrite in May, and expect it to be available by February.
(And this is me, adding in that, indeed, the book became available in January of 2017. Check out This Endless Moment 2nd. edition here!)

I’ve added 60 or so pages, as well as a bunch of exer­cis­es, and mod­ern­ized the lan­guage. I want­ed an already excel­lent book to be even more help­ful.

I think you’ll like it! Stay posted!

Learn to Deal with Mind Chatter

The Watcher

As many of you know, I write a week­ly blog called The Path­less Path.

Recent­ly, a read­er wrote a ques­tion about for­give­ness, and in the process of writ­ing a response, I decid­ed to include a link to a book­let I’d writ­ten.

The booklet is called, “The Watcher.” I wrote it back in 2000, and it’s all about dealing with mind chatter — with the negative voices we all have in our heads.

It used to be that I thought I sim­ply got depressed (sort of like one catch­es a cold-it hap­pened to me.) Back before 1982, when my super­vi­sor gave me an assignment-choose!-I’d have told you there was absolute­ly noth­ing I could do to con­trol my tem­per and my tongue.

Thanks to imple­ment­ing her sug­ges­tion, I learned sev­er­al things:

  1. my tem­per and my moods are as much a part of me as my beau­ti­ful, deep blue eyes.
  2. What I choose to do with my moods and my tem­per depends on the breadth of my belief sys­tem and my will­ing­ness to chal­lenge my self-per­­cep­­tion.
  3. And emphat­i­cal­ly, choos­ing dif­fer­ent­ly is about the amount of self-dis­­­ci­­pline I am will­ing to exert.

Any­way, I had a good look at the book­let, and decid­ed that it need­ed a rewrite — a new­er for­mat, some punch­ing up, etc. As I looked fur­ther, I decid­ed a full rewrite was in order. A week lat­er, I was done!

As with all of our book­lets, this one is free. (You can also make a con­tri­bu­tion to our work, but it’s not nec­es­sary.)

Just click the image above, or click here. This link also has the intro­duc­to­ry chap­ter for you to check out.


Living Life in Growing Orbits is revised!

Living Life in Growing Orbits

My book, Living Life in Growing Orbits: 52 Weeks to Wholeness is freshly revised and available both as a paperback and a Kindle book.

Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits: 52 Weeks to Whole­ness is a Work­book for peo­ple seek­ing clar­i­ty and focus.

In an often con­fus­ing world, pure, sim­ple, and focused guid­ance is required. Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits is a guide­book for dis­cov­er­ing who you are, and more, impor­tant­ly, the tool you need to become ful­ly your­self.

• If you are won­der­ing what, specif­i­cal­ly, to do to learn more about who you are, who you might be, and about your place in the world, this book is for you.

• If you have read books on whole­ness, per­son­al respon­si­bil­i­ty, or spir­i­tu­al insight, and then have won­dered, “What’s next?” — this book is for you.

• If you seek whole­ness, but are unclear on how to begin , this book is for you.

• If you want ele­gant, day-by-day guid­ance to main­tain a prac­tice designed to open your eyes, your heart, your mind and Spir­it, this book is for you!

In 52 weeks, you will have found direc­tion and pur­pose, as you explore the mean­ing of cen­tered, mean­ing-filled, and “present” liv­ing. With week­ly thoughts, and dai­ly med­i­ta­tions and projects, Liv­ing Life in Grow­ing Orbits: 52 Weeks to Whole­ness will change your life.