The Straightjacket of Delusion

The Straight­jack­et of Delu­sion is a fun­ny thing. You only notice it when it’s point­ed out to you, AND you are open to look­ing. What’s Your Prob­lem, Man? This top­ic is described in my book, Half Asleep in the Bud­dha Hall You can read more about it here Psst! Hey! ** Want more great writ­ing …

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Zen Principles

Zen Prin­ci­ples to Help You Live Life Bet­ter This arti­cle was great­ly expand­ed upon in my book, Half Asleep in the Bud­dha Hall Psst! Hey! ** Want more great writ­ing designed to help YOU to shift your behav­iour? ** Want to learn how to find, build or deep­en your prin­ci­pal rela­tion­ship? ** Want to know …

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Idea for Zen Living: 12 Presence Presents

When you’re a Zen Guy like me, you’re con­stant­ly think­ing about, (and try­ing to enact) being present. The Hol­i­day Sea­son is rife with “things” we can dis­tract our­selves with.

I decid­ed to send you a list of alter­na­tive ways of being, in the hopes that shift­ing gears might help you to deal with the hol­i­days more ele­gant­ly.

How to Find Your Perfect Partner

Find out how cre­at­ing a “List of 50,” will help you to find your per­fect part­ner, and get exact­ly the rela­tion­ship you want. Most peo­ple think find­ing the right per­son should “just hap­pen.” They depend on “the luck of the draw,” and typ­i­cal­ly end up with the next bozo in line. The “cure” is a …

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The Bedrock of Great Relationships

What is The Bedrock of Great Rela­tion­ships? It’s the will­ing­ness to com­mu­ni­cate who you are, where you are, and what’s up for you… all the time! And espe­cial­ly when you don’t want to! My book, The. Best. Rela­tion­ship. Ever. is both a learn­ing tool, and a step-by-step guide — a plan you will imple­ment — …

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This Endless Moment — Live an Amazing Life

I’ve recent­ly re-edit­ed and added to my first and favourite book, This End­less Moment. It’s been a peren­ni­al best sell­er, and many are the folk who have found it life-chang­ing. Please, think about how things are going for you, and if you think your life could be more amaz­ing, have a look below for a …

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Zen — An Alternative to Trump

Some­times, hav­ing anoth­er approach to life is cru­cial. OK, so the world is a pret­ty weird place right now, and liv­ing with the ten­sion of “not know­ing” (how Zen!!) can be a bit much. It’s why I wrote Half Asleep in the Bud­dha Hall. It’s hard to believe that a sim­ple book has prac­ti­cal, down-to-earth …

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This Endless Moment, 2nd edition

This End­less Moment, 2nd edi­tion This End­less Moment, 2nd edi­tion is now avail­able! The new ver­sion has 60 plus more pages of insights and helps, includ­ing a sec­tion on Zen. There’s also a sec­tion of exer­cis­es. Revised in 2017, This End­less Moment, 2nd edi­tion presents a sim­ple, direct, and clear secret for unlock­ing your full …

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