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Wayne at 23, after a hard day in the Studio

I start­ed paint­ing back in the 1960s, but real­ly start­ed tak­ing it seri­ous­ly in Art Class­es at good old Elmhurst College.

That was the first time some­one (my paint­ing prof) asked me, “Can’t you see the colours in the shadows?”

Giv­en the amount of recre­ation­al sub­stances he and the rest of us were tak­ing back then, I guessed he was tripping.

Then, I began to see it.

Some years passed as I focussed on photography, opening a studio in a suburb of Chicago, and focussing on model photos, figure studies, and ad work. 

After moving to Canada in ’75, I of course opened a studio, and kept doing photos.

More time passed, and that question about colour in the shadows finally made sense in the early “aughts.”

It’s become my paint­ing focus since then. 

We’re now busily travelling the world. I’m still taking “people photos” and turning them into paintings.

Have a look around. You’ll find my paintings, merchandise designed from my paintings and photographs, and galleries of photos.

Please, enjoy!

Me and my camera
Me and my camera

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